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Tin Cho Chaw

Born in Burma, Cho was raised on traditional home-cooked food using fresh seasonal ingredients and culinary influences from Rangoon’s diverse culture. Her love for food and cooking stem from her early childhood, watching her numerous aunts and cousins cooking.

Aged 8, Cho and her family moved to England. To combat their homesickness, the family spend many hours recreating the familiar, comforting food of Burma. Over the course of many years living away from Burma, Cho noticed the family recipes had altered as hard to find ingredients were replaced.

To rediscover the food of her childhood, Cho returned to Burma in 2004. Travelling through the country and staying with relatives allowed her to taste the authentic flavours and see the techniques that cannot be learnt from living so far away.

The hsa*ba website, launched in 2006, reveals this little known cuisine and shares simple authentic Burmese recipes. Her first book, hsa*ba, burmese cookbook was published in October 2008.

She is based in the UK and Sydney.

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