gluten free fritter batter

gluten-free fritter batter

It can be challenging to cater for guests with gluten-free requirements but this fritter batter recipe will have you serving crispy golden fritters…


yellow split pea fritters

These fritters regularly feature as an appetiser when a group of friends come over for dinner. They are so easy to make and popular with everyone…

crispy fritters

crispy fritter batter | a kyaw

Crispy gourd or onion fritters are essential garnishes for Traditional fish noodle soup. They can also be eaten on their own with a chilli dip as a starter…

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samosa salad | samusa thote

As there are three of us for lunch today and very little time to cook it, I decide on a samusa thote. I buy three samosas the size of a fist each…

none chicken roti
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stir-fried roti with chicken curry | roti canai goreng

Lunch is leftover Nyonya-style chicken curry from the day before. Rather than simply re-heat and serve with rice, I shred the chicken…

sweet and sour vegetarian meat
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sweet & sour vegetarian meat

A quick and simple dinner of stir-fried vegetarian meat in a sweet and sour sauce…

stuffed crispy tofu

crispy tofu gyeo du with salad filling

While I was looking through the long list in my notebook marked ‘Must try’, I receive an email from my mother. It is a gentle reminder of a recipe she told me…

chicken satay
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chicken satay recipe

Satay is a popular street food throughout SE Asia. Small chunks of meat threaded onto bamboo skewers and char grilled over coal or wood fire…

Burmese paratha
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burmese paratha | htut thayar palata

I had an email from Michelle who wanted a recipe for Burmese paratha. It has been some time since I made them…

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