pickled tea leaf salad

Bayin pickled tea leaf

Today’s afternoon tea is rather special; it’s pickled tea leaf salad (laphet thote). Finding pickled tea leaf is not always easy. In my cookbook, I mentioned¬†laphet can usually be purchased from a Myanmar (Burmese) supplier but now it’s available from Bayin; a social enterprise based in Ireland. I received my precious jars of Pickled Tea…

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crispy fritter batter | a kyaw

Crispy gourd or onion fritters are essential garnishes for Traditional fish noodle soup. They can also be eaten on their own with a chilli dip as a starter.

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samosa salad | samusa thote

As there are three of us for lunch today and very little time to cook it, I decide on a samusa thote. I buy three samosas the size of a fist each. The pastry is firm and crispy, not at all oily, and crammed with spicy potato, peas and fresh coriander stuffing.

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burmese paratha | htut thayar palata

I had an email from Michelle who wanted a recipe for Burmese paratha. It has been some time since I made them and immediately reminded me of our trip to Rangoon in 2004 where we spent one morning watching the paratha being made for our breakfast.

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crispy tofu gyeo du with salad filling

I have promised myself to cook a new dish every weekend. While I was looking through the long list in my notebook marked ‘Must try’, I receive an email from my mother. It is a gentle reminder of a recipe she told me about some months back.

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chicken satay recipe

chicken satay

Satay is a popular street food throughout SE Asia. Small chunks of meat threaded onto bamboo skewers and char grilled over coal or wood fire by the roadside. It is sold by the stick and accompanied with a small plastic bag containing peanut sauce, onion and cucumber slices.

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burmese chickpea wraps

chick pea wraps

Today we decide on a picnic in the park as the weather has warmed up. As it is a last minute decision, there is not much I can cook as the fridge is almost bare. After finding a few tins of chickpeas and some fresh flat breads, I rustle up a Burmese-style chickpea wrap.

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