feel good myanmar restaurant
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burmese food at feel myanmar restaurant

Feel Myanmar restaurant has a bustling yet relaxed vibe. Tables and chairs sprawl onto the pavement next to stalls selling balloons…

crab freshly cooked

best time to eat crab

The cover image of the cookbook is a plate of bright orange crabs sitting in the kitchen of my Aunt’s house. It was a wonderful meal of crab with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, lime juice, crushed garlic and green chillies…

monk in ananda pogoda

ananda pagoda in bagan

This photograph is a reminder of our visit to Ananda Pagoda in Bagan. We spent an afternoon sitting quietly on the cool tiled floor, attempting to blend in with the locals…

Nyaung shwe

shan noodles in nyaung shwe

After a day in the back of a car, travelling along bumpy roads with hardly any loo-stops, we arrived at Nyaung Shwe, a town at the edge of Inle Lake…

pickled tea leaves

tea time treats

Tea is not only drunk in Burma, it is also eaten. Laphet thote is one of my favourite snacks, a salad made with pickled tea leaves and an assortment of crispy nibbles…

shewdagon pagoda stupa

shwedagon pagoda

The dazzling golden glow of Shwedagon stupa rising up to illuminate the vast night sky of Rangoon is an unforgettable sight. To me it is a symbol of home…

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