burmese-style lime relish

Burmese lime relish

We are still working through the wonderful limes given to us by a friend. As I was juicing the limes to make lime sorbet this morning, the zesty smell remind me of shauk dhi, a type of citrus found in Burma. I am particularly fond of shauk dhi thote which is a salty, sour and…

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crispy mushroom condiment

It is overcast, and not especially warm. I take stock of my cupboards, seeking a comforting mid-morning snack. Something savoury and definitely Burmese. There is nothing that ‘eat me’ written on it and I decide to make something.

A large bag of dried shiitake mushrooms have been sitting patiently on the bottom shelf. They have a delightful earthiness that you get from wild mushrooms, gorgeous smoky flavour and meaty texture.

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home-made sweet chilli sauce

It is dull and overcast with a crisp wind blowing in from the east. This is the sort of day on which I think about making preserves or jams – usually Seville oranges made into chunky marmalade filling the kitchen with intensely orange fragrance. Seville oranges are not in season until February, I will have to wait.

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