burmese tamarind port

burmese tamarind pork

This is my favourite pork dish, robust in flavour and the meat melts in the mouth. Paired with tamarind, the fruity sourness compliments the meat…

burmese duck and potato curry

burmese duck and potato curry

The slow-cooking of the onion, garlic and chilli paste give this curry a distinct flavour. Duck and potato are my favourite combination…

none chicken roti
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stir-fried roti with chicken curry | roti canai goreng

Lunch is leftover Nyonya-style chicken curry from the day before. Rather than simply re-heat and serve with rice, I shred the chicken…

nyonya chicken curry

nyonya-style chicken curry | nyonya kari aya

It’s time to switch from fresh, light, zingy salads to more robust, earthy and comforting dishes as the weather cools…

chicken and bamboo stew

easy chicken & bamboo stew

After a brilliant spell of winter sunshine this weekend, the rain today calls for a slow-cooked stew with minimal effort. I remember this recipe…

pork and jackfruit curry

pork & jack fruit curry

The drop in temperature this week makes the early mornings and evenings decidedly nippy. Salads and stir-fries are no longer substantial…

sichuan-style chicken & peanuts

sichuan-style chicken & peanuts | gongbao jiding

I was delighted to find a recipe written in a Christmas card from our friend, Chris. Gongbao jiding – one of his favourite Chinese dishes…

chicken satay
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chicken satay recipe

Satay is a popular street food throughout SE Asia. Small chunks of meat threaded onto bamboo skewers and char grilled over coal or wood fire…

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