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mango ice cream

I know when summer has arrived in Sydney; rich orange skin mangoes start to appear in our weekly fruit and vegetable box. Their golden flesh has a sweet, tangy flavour and gives off a delicious floral fragrance.

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banana blossom & cellophane noodle salad

One of the advantages of living in Sydney is having a friend turn up with a banana bud cut freshly from his garden. I decide to make a Burmese-style thote; a fragrant, light yet substantial salad tossed in a salty, sour and spicy dressing.

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nyonya-style chicken curry | nyonya kari aya

There is a crisp air this morning that signals autumn is well underway (down under) and it’s time to switch from fresh, light, zingy salads to more robust, earthy and comforting dishes. For me a big flavoured chicken curry always does the trick. I decide on Nyonya-style as Christopher and I have been talking about our time in Malaysia and of course the food.

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