burmese-style lime relish

Burmese lime relish

We are still working through the wonderful limes given to us by a friend. As I was juicing the limes to make lime sorbet this morning, the zesty smell remind me of shauk dhi, a type of citrus found in Burma. I am particularly fond of shauk dhi thote which is a salty, sour and…

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orange and lime marmalade

orange lime marmalade

Citrus season is in full swing. This week in our fruit and veg box, there are numerous oranges the size of a grapefruit. They are very sweet, super juicy and perfectly ripe. To use up some of these oranges and the last of the home-grown limes, I made marmalade following Delia Smith’s method (it’s a…

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lime curd

This week a generous friend gave us bags full of limes from her garden. They are extremely juicy, tart, yellow limes that have ripen in the Sydney winter sun and collected when fallen off the tree. They are the perfect organic, ripe, unwaxed limes.

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noodles with passionfruit and lime dressing

There is a bowlful of passionfruit in the kitchen which came from our friend’s tree in western Sydney. They are greenish yellow and the size of a small orange. Over the course of the past couple of weeks, they have slowly turned pale yellow all-over, crinkly-skinned and filled the kitchen with the exotic smell of…

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