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  1. I would love to try laphet. Is it available in Chinese supermarkets?

  2. could you please help me with a recipe for gyinto / gyinthouk, the ginger and sesame seed salad? I’ve looked everywhere and found nothing to date! also have you any other uncooked dishes, I’m a ‘living food’ chef and like to experiment!! kind regards and thank you, Diana

  3. Hi Diana

    Ginger salad is very similar to Laphet thote, made with very young ginger which has thin, almost transparent skin and slightly pink. I’ll email you with more details.

    As for other uncooked dishes, the Burmese salad (thote) is a great one to try. Once you know the salad flavouring, you can play around with the main ingredients, from cabbage (Burmese coleslaw), green mango to kohlrabi and my favourite, lemon salad.

    – Cho

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