hsa*ba burmese cookbook

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A cookbook that gives a rare view into a country and its culture through a collection of treasured family recipes.

Accompanied by beautiful photography, this is an essential award-winning cookbook for anyone who wants to create simple authentic Burmese food.

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From the back cover:

Early one morning during our stay in Rangoon, my cousin, Myint Han, came back from the market with two heavy plastic bags. ‘You’re in luck,’ he told me. ‘It was full moon last night so it’s time to eat crab!’ The Burmese believe crabs are at their best at this time of the month, when they come out to feed during a low tide.

The crabs were simply boiled and served with a sharp dip of soy sauce, lime juice, crushed garlic and chopped green chillies. The salty sour combination complimented the sweet succulent meat of the crab. It was the best crab I have ever tasted. After two breakfasts, and still only ten o’clock in the morning, I could not eat more than half a crab while my husband somehow put away nearly two. ‘Hsa ba,’please eat, Myint Han encouraged. ‘Htut hsa ba,’ eat more!

Product details:

Format:Paperback 240 pages
Publisher:Chosillano Ferrente
Published:November 2013


‘Seldom does a book arriving with so little fanfare make such a splash in the kitchen….This book deserves to get widespread international recognition.’
Time Out London

‘The book is beautifully designed…It contains stunning photographs and beautiful examples of Burmese script. It’s a rich, engaging tome that opens up the under-explored cuisine of this little-known country.’

‘The book, which means “please eat” in Burmese, combines recipes with the author’s personal tips for preparing and eating traditional foods, and her relatives’ “unspoken secrets that make a particular dish outstanding.”’

10 reviews for hsa*ba burmese cookbook

  1. Lynette M

    Thank you for such an amazing book! The pictures are a delight and I can smell the aroma of the recipes!

    There is a lovely South Indian restaurant I go to (almost everyday) near my office. On the day I took one copy to the chef (we talk a lot about Burmese cooking), he introduced me to two young Burmese boys he had just hired. They are refugees from Thailand. They are helping him read the titles in Burmese. I had seen the boys before and looked so scared and sad. Now when I walk in they smile huge sunshine smiles and greet me “Daw Gyi! Hsa*ba!” A deep bow of gratitude for the healing your book has brought to them.

  2. Salim

    Ma Tin Cho Chaw… I salute you for an excellent job you have done in coming up with hsa*ba Burmese cook book. This is the best and greatest Burmese cook book I have ever seen…. I am impressssed. Most of the food there takes me back in time to Rangoon where I was growing up… Drooooooling…

  3. Mary H

    I just wanted to say that the book brought back many memories of my childhood and the foods my parents made. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to recreate the dishes of my childhood as my parents never had written recipes but alas I found your book. I look forward to passing on the recipes to my children.

  4. Dianne

    Thank you so much!
    I just checked the letterbox and received the two copies of your book I ordered and had sent to me all the way here in Australia.
    I LOVE it. One copy is for my Dad who is Burmese, born in Rangoon and moved to Australia when he was 17… He is now 62! He is going to love it! Thanks again! XXX

  5. Chuen-Pei

    Dear Hsaba team,
    The book has been received and thank you for the great recipes.
    Finally there is a proper Burmese cookbook and I can relive some of my favorite childhood dishes.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next book.
    from Hong Kong

  6. Hellan

    Just received your cookbook from on line order, wanna to say Thank you so much! It’s such a great book, I like the fact it’s first hand recipes from Burma, from someone who is of Burmese decent, who actually know the country, the culture! (not an “outsider” who had a “food tour” who claims to know the food)…

  7. Phillippa

    I wanted to send a big thank you for putting this book together. I was also born in Burma (Rangoon), and my family left when I was just 3 years old (1977). All of the recipes in your book are what I consider to be the mainstays of Burmese cooking; all dishes that I’ve had at home and family gatherings, but never with a recipe. Learning to cook from my mother was nearly impossible – a little of this, a pinch of that, and enough of this so that you like it. For me, impossible.
    I look forward to introducing my young sons to Burmese food in our home in the coming months.
    Thanks again, for providing this important connection to my other world.

  8. Sandra R

    I have just bought your book and I have found that I can only read it in small portions otherwise my mouth waters to much!!! I am the 1st generation Australian of Burmese parents and we always ate burmese food at home growing up and ENJOYED IT THOROUGHLY.
    Your recipes are very well written and easy to follow and the stories are fabulous.

  9. Rachel

    Bought this book for my mum who has worked through every receipe and brought back several memories for her and her brother. Are there plans for follow on book?

  10. Jen

    Just wanted you to know that I have just received my book and I just love it !
    Just wish there were more sweet recipes 🙂
    I will definitely be recommending it to my brothers and sister and all my cousins.

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