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  1. I don’t remember eating this back in Burma. I will have to try it out as I have a lot of pumpkin left over from Holloween. Thanks Cho!

  2. Delicious blog Cho,

    As a fan of Riverford you might like to watch this entertaining feature about the farm:

    If you want to host/embed it on your blog (it might be of interest to your readers) than give me a shout and I ‘ll send you the code. (its easy to do)


  3. Thanks for the link, Benjamin. Beautiful photography….great to hear Guy talk about his passion.

    – Cho

  4. Hello ma cho

    I brought you book and I have shan tofu and pumpkin pudding. I think they are very good.You can see it in my blog. You are the best.
    If you have a time please visit my blog too. I will have my recipes soon.

    1. Hi Moe Moe
      Thanks for sharing your photos. Really pleased to hear you’re enjoying trying the recipes. Look forward to your recipes.
      – Cho

  5. This turned out great and everybody loved it. It’s easy to make and did not take long at all. Thanks, Cho.

  6. Bill Bartmann says:

    Cool site, love the info.

  7. Hi Cho,
    I just know your link and feel wonder.Your cooking method is simple,easy,modernize, looks good and lot of attraction.I feel proud of you on behalf of Myanmar Nationality.
    I’d like to watch your programme on the TV.Could you advice me where can I watch?

    1. Hi San
      I’m afraid I’m not on TV yet. Perhaps one day… thanks for visiting the website.

      – Cho

  8. Oh! Cho..
    U r sweet, and U have talent
    I heard that Shwe Tan Lwin bought the MRTV 3 line and Channel News Asia (Singaopore) provide the tech & idea to them. They are planning to produce as international line.I hope that we can watch the Myanmar International TV programme. And I want to see your programme too…
    And I have one more idea, that you can distribute your book in Singapore Market…. Hope my idea will assist you…

  9. Dear Cho,
    I just ordered your book. Cant find anywhere in SG.You should consider distribution to SG for your future books.

    Cant wait to get it and cook it!

    1. Hi Mee
      Thanks for your comment. We are indeed looking for distributors in Asia…. hopefully we’ll be in SG in the near future. Hope you’ll enjoy the book.
      – Cho

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