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nyonya-style chicken curry | nyonya kari aya

There is a crisp air this morning that signals autumn is well underway (down under) and it’s time to switch from fresh, light, zingy salads to more robust, earthy and comforting dishes. For me a big flavoured chicken curry always does the trick. I decide on Nyonya-style as Christopher and I have been talking about our time in Malaysia and of course the food.

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banana blossom & prawn curry

Banana blossoms are either made into salads or cooked in curries. They have a fairly neutral taste though there is a slight earthiness similar to fresh bamboo shoots. They work great with bold flavours.

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pork & jack fruit curry

It takes me a little while to grasp that April is autumn rather than spring here. The drop in temperature this week makes the early mornings and evenings decidedly nippy. Salads and stir-fries are no longer substantial and makes me long for slow-cooked curries and stews.

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