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  1. I’ve only eaten duck twice in my life but this looks outstanding. Would love to try it!

  2. I love duck, and I love curry, but I’ve never tried making a duck curry. Looks great!

  3. hi
    I cooked duck curry yesterday. I added some tamarind juice. The meat came out very tender and it’s taste was excellent.
    Thank for the recipe.

  4. This is an amazing dish. I’ve cooked it a number of times and it’s always good. I love it for it’s simplicity, very few ingredients but great flavour. It just takes a bit of time to make- well worth it though.

  5. Would this go down well with other meats eg chicken, pork? I’m going to try it soon.

    1. Hi David
      Absolutely, you can use any other meat. It’s a great base recipe and you can vary it by adding a little cumin or ground coriander.
      – Cho

  6. Yesterday I went to a Burmese restaurant, had the most wonderful meal ever! (and I’ve eaten in many wonderful places around the globe). The owner of that restaurant recommended you book to me – I am passionate and excited to buy it and USE IT. Congratulations on a wonderful book and fantastic recipes, your contribution is amazing.

  7. This was absolutely wonderful Cho! The duck was so tender and as you said, the slow-cooking of the curry paste released the flavours so well. I also cooked the Tamarind Pork recipe, which was so juicy and delicious. I lived in south-east Asia for three years, and I love food like this. I was just wondering, if I wanted to cook a really traditional and authentic Burmese dish, like the national dish, what would that be? Thanks

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