durian cake recipe

durian cake

While we were in Penang, we ate some durian cake. They were light yet buttery and packed with a durian punch. With an abundance of durian at the moment it seems like the ideal time to have a go at making a durian cake. I am using the classic equal butter to sugar to flour recipe. Creaming the butter and sugar is without effort here in Malaysia, where the temperature is a constant 30C.

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mad about durian, the king of fruits

durian being opened

Durian is something that I get rather excited about. Every year I am tempted by the presence of these spiky fruits in the Chinese supermarkets. Take a stroll down Chinatown in London during the summer months and you will smell the unmistakable aroma of durian. I have always resisted buying them in the UK. From previous experiences I have come to realise that the fruits are picked from the tree far too early and frozen during transportation, resulting in a watery tasteless durian.

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