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  1. Oh! Durain, Durian. I remember I had tasted the best ones in Malaysia

  2. durian always sweet in malaysia…why??

  3. Durians are great in Malaysia and some are very sweet indeed. I think it depends on the variety. I usually ask for ones that have a slight bitter/sweet flavour. But it’s great fun to try the different varieties…

    Check out this site which lists some varieties:

  4. Christelle says:

    I absolutely love durian!! When I was in Melaka, I had a durian milkshake, a heavenly experience!! 🙂

    1. Talking about durian milkshake, you just made me think of durian ice cream we ate in Penang. Really amazing… I’m being reminded by my cousins in Malaysia it’s the start of durian season again!

      – Cho

  5. oh i love mangosteen. always go mad eatin it in burma wen i visit

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