shan noodles
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shan noodles recipe

I have been dreaming of eating Shan noodles recently and realises nearly 5 years have passed since we were in Nyaung Shwe…

bhutanese chilli and cheese
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bhutanese chilli & cheese stew

I can’t seem to get enough of chillies and buy more this weekend. This time green chillies from the supermarket…

stuffed bread

gong bian, stuffed flat bread

We first discovered gong pian (pronounced kom-pyang) in 2006 when we were in Penang visiting my uncle…

spicy pork noodles

oodles of spicy pork noodles

Dry pan meen is a bowl of chewy square-cut noodles topped with minced pork cooked in soy sauce (with occasional crispy pork skin), crispy ikan bilis (deep-fried anchovies)…

chicken satay
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chicken satay recipe

Satay is a popular street food throughout SE Asia. Small chunks of meat threaded onto bamboo skewers and char grilled over coal or wood fire…

roti cania

roti canai for breakfast

Roti canai comes multi-layered – soft and fluffy inside and crispy on the outside. It is served with a runny lentil dal…


mad about durian, the king of fruits

Durian is something that I get rather excited about. Every year I am tempted by the presence of these spiky fruits…

roselle leaves

my favourite greens – roselle leaves

What I love about being back in Asia is the wonderful warmth that clings to you when you step out into the night air. There is no need to fuss about bringing a cardigan…

fish head noodles

fish head noodles

Three generous bowls of rice vermicelli in a creamy soup arrive. A scatter of deep-fried shallots and sliced spring onions sprinkled on top…

Burmese paratha
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burmese paratha | htut thayar palata

I had an email from Michelle who wanted a recipe for Burmese paratha. It has been some time since I made them…

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