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  1. Thank you very much Cho!

  2. Mohana Gill says:

    Am looking for a recpe for mouk sein paung a burmese dessert that hawkers usually sell thanks

    1. Hi Mohana
      I have not made mote sein paung before. Let me see if I can work out how to do it! Will post the recipe if I succeed.

      – Cho

  3. Why do you soak the mushrooms and dry them again?
    Why not just use them as they are? Does that change the taste or the consistence?

    1. Hi Hermann

      I find that once it has been reconstituted and dried again, it is easier to pound into shreds. The dried mushrooms are very brittle otherwise.

      – Cho

  4. In hte Asian shop here, you can buy “Vegetarian Mushroom Fluff” out of Shiitake mushrooms, for those who want a shortcut!
    I use it as a substitute for shrimp fluff in any Burmese recipe – the taste is obviously very different, but it is very tasty (I am vegetarian and I never much liked seafood anyway).

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