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  1. Hi Cho,

    Being a Burmese being away from home for quite some time, your photos and receipes on your website reminds me of home and definitely makes my mouth very watery! Photos are great, the website is fantastic and the recipes are my favourites.

    It’s great that you are promoting Burmese food there in the UK. Burmese food here in Sydney, Australia is little known and I just wish we have someone like you here!

    Cheers for all the yummy recipes!


  2. well, miss sabae im a burmese but now in pakistan , misses my motherland each and every minute, yet i know much of the recipes but i would love to know how to make street foods , snacks like BAEIN MOHNT, YEE MOHNT,MOHT SAEIN MAUN AND SO ON PLEASE DO REPLY.

  3. Hi Cho,
    We love your book and your recipes, everything we tried was delicious and brought us back to burma.
    There are 2 recipes we would love to try. 1. the sweet pink banana cake you can get at on streets of Yangoon and 2. the thick and rich pancakes one can buy,which is cut with a scissor and sold with lot of fresh grated coconut in a plastic bag. It would be greate if you could help us.
    With lots of Metta
    Mudar & Annika

  4. norm from australia says:

    I’am so sorry ,I thing you’re doing a good thing there

  5. Hi Cho, Thx for the recipe. I think you can also use melted palm sugar for filling for those who like sweeter one and look brownish. I tried ur recipe n it tastes great.

  6. Hello,

    I came across this website from facebook and Love it!!! I did ordered the cook book right now. I cannot wait to get it.
    I did looked around burmese cook book with english while I was visiting burma but couldn’t find one. Now I found one!! thank you…. Do you plan to write another book soon???

  7. This looks so yummy….reminds me of pancakes eaten in Burma in my childhood. I remember one with egg and also palm sugar, crispy & sweet. Glad to find a website with Burmese recipes. Will try some of your recipes…I regularly cook Monhingar and Ongno Kauk Swe (Chicken coconut noodles).

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