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  1. It looks delicious, well done. I remember eating this and when you take a bite, all the juices (probably tamarind and oil) come out. It’s great fun and tasty to eat.

  2. I don’t remember this one. Tofu is one of my favorite things to eat. BTW, is it considered a vegetable? Anyhow, I will be making it when my mother comes here. it looks delicious. I will probably make a spicy sauce to go with. 🙂

    1. Hi Thin Thin
      These tofu gyeo du must be a speciality of this particular street seller that comes through our neighbourhood. I haven’t found anyone else who has eaten this before!

      – Cho

  3. Hi
    your brother remembers eating this back in Rangoon and while living in Exeter when I made it once or twice!

  4. Nong Nong says:

    No wonder Thin Thin used to talk about you and admire you on our facebook..I am a foodie too and like to cook so much ..but having your authentic way of cooking is the best..(I always like to change the traditional way) ..and call them my fusion food..I will make this as potluck for our school’s staffs’ party..Thanks so much..

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