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  1. Chin Baung Kyaw is my favorite dish. Roselle leaves are not easily available in the West. Now I can cook it with Spinach substitute. Many thanks to you.

  2. Phoo Pwint says:

    many many many many and many thankssssss!!!
    i’ve been really wanting to know how to cook that in England cuz I can’t find any roselle leaves in the grocery at all…
    now, i can cook it for my friend who loves this..

    thanks a maximillion!!

  3. Hi Phoo Pwint

    If you live in London, look for roselle leaves at Brixton market (sour sour leaves) or go down to the grocery store in Brick Lane as they also eat it in Bangaldesh.

    – Cho

  4. I’m so surprised that you use spinach for this dish because I use spinach as well.

  5. hello, im in love with burmese sour curry, and i believe the roselle leaves are the ingrediant in it. my friends mum makes it and i love it so much. now i really want to find an original recipe of the with the roselle leaves and the shrimp stuff in it because i would like to learn how to make a good burmese sour curry, i dont want a subsitute. can anyone help me as i crave this curry often.

  6. Yes,it is good and really I like this curry or chin boun kyaw.

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