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  1. I ate here and have to say it was pretty tasty. It’s the only place in Sydney where you can get full-on authentic Burmese food. A lot of Thai restaurants actually have Burmese chefs but are forced to cook the more known food of Thailand. I love the mildness, and fragrant tastes of Burmese food – full of lemon grass and ginger…

    At Bagan, we ate a huge selection salads and curries, none of which I’d tried before. Overall I was very impressed by the food and friendly service. However, the chicken curry, as good as it was, wasn’t as tasty as the Burmese chicken curry on my website!


    1. Thanks for the link, Lee
      – Cho

  2. Virgo1314 says:

    Good job Cho on the book and visit to Sydney’s Bagan restaurant. Just checked Lee’s website and discovered his Burmese Chicken Curry recipe is not authentic. I’ve just posted some comments. Bagan is the only Burmese restaurant we Burmese Sydneysiders have at the moment, There are some weekends only Burmese restaurants in Blacktown and Toongabbie, west of Sydney.

  3. weekend ones in blacktown and toongabbie? please disclose the locations! would very much enjoy to visit them when i visit there. However, if anyone can either tell me where i can find a burmese place in brisbane – or open one for me – would be very happy x

    1. Hi Amy
      I’ll also like to know where is Blacktown and Toongabbie! Can anyone help?
      – Cho

  4. Is there any Burmese restaurants in Melbourne? Can anyone help?

    1. Hi Thaw
      There’s a couple I’ve found but have not visited. Let me know what they are like you happen to go there –
      Burmese House
      303 Bridge Road
      Melbourne 3121

      Burmese Kitchen
      356 St Georges Road Fitzroy North
      Victoria 3068

  5. If anyone is from Western Australia there is a small Burmese restaurant in North Perth called ‘Burma Blue’. It is on Charles St .
    Very nice authentic food too!
    It is not a big place – so it’s best to call and book a seat or be happy to take away… wish it was bigger…
    They make a lot of homestyle recipes… Mmmmm!
    Just wish they were a little closer!

  6. Heather Kepski says:

    Does anyone know where you can buy dried lablab beans in Sydney please?

  7. There is another Burmese restaurant in Parramatta now Guys. It’s called Kambozza Burmese Cuisine, 125 Church Street, Parramatta. A real Burmese taste. Sould try.

    1. Hi Pisi
      Thanks. It’s great to know there are more Burmese restaurants in Sydney. I shall head out to Parramatta soon and try them.
      – Cho

  8. Hi,

    Just wondering where I can get some fermented tea leaves in Sydney? I am dying without La Phet thote!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  9. Another Burmese restaurants in Sydney called “Golden Burma” Shop 4/36 Derbyshire Ave, Toongabbie, NSW 2146 ph. 96315545. Here’s the website link “”. The guy who running the shop is previous owner of burmese shop in Auburn.

  10. Thanks to your review Cho, I realised there was a Burmese restaurant in Sydney. It was so good to finally get some Burmese food in my system after ages! Especially the La Phat (pickled tea leaves) salad and Mohingar.. Bliss 🙂

  11. Hey Sally, you can get La Phet thote in packets from Bagan.

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