lunch at burman kitchen in granville

burman kitchen restaurant

It’s always wonderfully exciting to find a new Burmese restaurant. I first went to Burman Kitchen, located in Granville, for lunch on a Saturday. It was a good sign to see the restaurant lively with a mixture of people and a menu that is short and concise.

What we ate:
Mohinga was served with crispy bean fritters, pieces of banana stem, chopped fresh coriander and boiled egg. Dried chillies and lemon wedge were on the side. The soup was a little light for my taste but it did hit the familiar comforting spot of my beloved dish from my childhood.

Shan noodles – there are many variations of Shan noodles or perhaps different noodles dishes from the Shan State are called Shan noodles. This version was minced chicken favoured with peanuts sauce that had a good balance of sweet, salty and sour. It was served with shredded mustard greens and a clear soup.

Mae Shay – again Mae Shay can mean several variations so I never know what I’m going to be served. I harp back to the time in Mandalay when I ate the best version of Mae Shay to date which had spicy minced pork. Burman Kitchen served thick rice noodles with pieces of chicken, peanuts and spring onions, dressed with a spicy fermented beancurd sauce and thick clear sauce that had a consistency of a clear wobbly jelly. As with most dry noodle dishes, it is served with a clear soup on the side.

Crispy school cups – this is essential pazoon hkwat kyaw thote – a prawn & bean sprout fritter salad. The fritters are topped with shredded cabbage and carrot. The dressing is salty, spicy and tamarind fruity sourness coming through.

Faluda – the much loved dessert/drink from my childhood to end the meal. It had green threads of cendor, sago pearls, grassy jelly, egg pudding and ice cream all submerged in rose flavoured pink-tinged milk.

I am always asked by people where they can try Burmese food in Sydney. Burman Kitchen is a recent find that I would happily recommend to my readers.

The Burman Kitchen
44 Railway Parade
Granville NSW 2142
Tel: 02 8677 0152

Tue to Sun 11am – 9pm