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  1. this is indeed a wonderful and intense salad. perfect with tamarind pork and rice.

  2. my favorite mom made me that yesterday

  3. What a fantastic salad! I made it the other day and it was a wonderful accompaniment to fish curry. I also fried a dry red chilli until crisp and broke it into the salad. That really took it up a notch – if I say somyself!:0)

  4. Hello Cho
    I rarely search the web for recipes, but am very happy that I found your website. Almost immediately I tried two of your recipes, this one and that for Beya Kyaw, because all the ingredients were to hand or available straight from my garden where I grow many Asian vegetables.
    In this one, I substituted several small Thai eggplants for a single large Aussie one and their nutty taste really complemented the flavours of the other ingredients. So great to eat on a really hot evening! And the Chickpea Fritters tasted even better when rested for a few hours. I used a red onion which added a sweet note to the mix.
    I shall definitely try more and will also seek out your book locally. Yum, yum and thank you very much.

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