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  1. hi, Cho

    I remember back in Burma, I heard my sister shouting , ‘nge-aung-daung’. she meant that the marinade – onion, garlic and chilli- had to be pounded well into a paste. I thought she was a bit fussy. After coming to England I was happy to have a food processor to make the above marinade. Cho, you are right, there is a difference in taste of curries between the processed and the bruised dishes!

  2. Not only is the flavour of the paste so much more satisfying when it’s bruised; I also find it much more pleasant (not to mention much quieter) to use a mortar and pestle than a food processor. It’s a nice way to cook :n)

  3. Christian says:

    Hi Cho,

    I was hoping the food processor worked as well as pounding, but can imagine it tastes different, cooking is like chemistry… I wonder if processing it, then a quick pounding at the end would do the trick?

    1. Hi Chrstian
      Sounds like it could work. Perhaps I should do an experiment and compare the different possible methods to see the best outcome.
      – Cho

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