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  1. A very interesting article. We also thought at first they are almost the same. Should do more research. btw, the heading shouldn’t be ngapi yea… should be ngan-pyar yea. ngapi yea is the boiled gravy from Burmese fish paste ngapi.

    1. Hi Nyane
      Thanks, you’re right about the title. Have updated it now… My Burmese is rather rusty!
      – Cho

  2. Cho —

    I found you by way of a Google search for Fish Sauce. You may be interested in the results of a taste test we did over at Our Daily Brine recently. We tasted 13 different brands, including Golden Boy. Results are here:

    Looking forward to reading through your blog.

    1. Thanks Kyle for the link. I’m really interested in tasting the Red Boat and BLIS! Have not come across these brands in Australia yet.

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