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  1. Can this be made with wheat flour? At least then it would have nutritional value. I know meat is all kinds of bad for you, but at least it has protein and nutrients. Flour and water and oil is kind of weak, nutritionally speaking.

    1. Hi Casey
      You’re right about the nutritional value. I guess you can certainly use wheat flour but for strict veggies I imagine you would still need to eat a wide variety of plant foods to get all the essential amino acids found in meat and dairy.
      – Cho

  2. This “vegetarian meat” made with either white or whole wheat flour, is called “Seitan” by the Japanese or Chinese. The calories are almost all from protein–very little starch as it is all washed out. The broth in which it is cooked can be flavored various ways: with garlic, celery leaves, onions etc., including soy sauce and other seasonings. It is very bland in taste, but can take on the tastes of whatever you add. I have a friend in Hawaii who makes wonderful skewered teriyaki out of home-made gluten or seitan. You can also make this from the “bread additive” do-pep, or otherwise called Vital gluten flour–Arrowhead mills and other sources stock it. When I use this, I add dry seasonings and sometimes chopped carrots, onions, to the “flour” and then add the liquid all at once and mix. From there you can fry it a little to “set” the patties, and then simmer in a casserole with seasoned broth. The possibilities are endless! Happy cooking!

    1. Hi Joelle
      Thanks for sharing. I’ll see if I can find the gluten flour you mentioned. Wow, the teriyaki sounds great!

      – Cho

  3. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hi, cho
    I know gluten flour is available at health food shop, but do-it-yourself is the fun part of cooking.
    Many thanks for the recipe

  5. christine says:

    I think you used a wheat flour on this recipe. At least it has a nutritional value. But anyway thanks for sharing this stuff with us. Nice one! Great job=).

  6. Who are interested in making vegetarian meat, i have a substitution for wheat flour. I normally use shiitake mushroom stems to make it. You can use the dried stem or the raw stem.
    If you use the dried stem, soak it into water, soften it then dry it by pressing the water out of the stem by using your hand. Then, use the mortar to smash the stem until it became paste alike.
    Add in some salt, five spice powder and flour. make it into bite size and fried it. You can even use it to make burger meat!! its very tasty!!

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